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Movies/TV Roles

Archieluxury is happy to throw his hat into the ring for any movies and TV roles.  Although Archie is not formally trained as an actor, Archie has much experience gained from lying to people for over 25 years. Archie has sold computer equipment, automobiles, and luxury items (including upscale watches, jewellery and luggage).
Archie has always been able to look the customer in the eye and lie.  Archie can cry on key and is happy to sell his soul for money.
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A very young ArchieLuxury aged 20 - taken in 1992.

The ArchieLuxury Channel


The ArchieLuxury Channel is a Luxury Educational Channel hosted on YouTube for the bennefit of all people of all classes and walks of life. Archie does not necessarily agree with all opinions given in the ArchieLuxury Channel however he is certainly getting a fee for all quesitonable comments.